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What is Design?

Design is the communication of experience.

Every designer creates for someone. Every designer has an experience he or she wants that someone to have. This is really all it takes to be a designer: to want to convey a specific experience to a specific audience, and work towards that goal.

My first act of game design was deciding in the 4th grade that it would be awesome if Super Mario 3 was a combination of Super Mario 1 and 2, with both goombas and shy-guys. My first act of level design was drawing that first world out on a piece of notebook paper.

Of course, it takes a lot more than that to succeed at conveying that experience. Despite the many reams of graph paper I used up in my childhood, it wasn't until Doom during my sophomore year of high school that any of my level design took a form others could actually experience. It wasn't until I learned how to program my graphing calculator during my senior year of high school that anyone could experience my game design.

I have spent a lot of time since pursuing various interests, never really being sure which was best for me. I've considered architecture, learned programming and computer science, became a graphic designer, and, through it all, created games. Until recently it didn't occur to me that these are all essentially the same thing. They are all design.

For me, designing is like breathing. There is always something I want others to experience, or even simply to experience myself. I can be happy designing anything, but my passion lies in game design. I have been doing it for twenty years, and I doubt anything could get me to stop.

Design is the communication of experience. The communication of experience is my life.

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